One Dolla Make your Herbs Holla | Whole Green Love

28 Jun

So, I had a little mix-up with my herbs. About a month ago when I planted them in two pots outside, I was a little rushed and I never marked which herbs were planted in which area of the pot. I thought, surely I would remember exactly where each were planted. Wrong. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. The other problem was that only five out of the eight herbs even sprouted. So here I am stooped next to my pots taste testing herbs while I’m simultaneously comparing google images from my iPhone to the baby herbs that are sprouting in my pots. After tasting a couple of weeds that I thought were herbs…I figured out which I needed to replant and did just that.

To prevent this predicament from happening again, I thought the best solution was to create some really cute plant markers for my herbs. I’ve used Popsicle sticks before but that wasn’t very attractive. The best solution to figuring out any type of creative project is to turn to Pinterest.

I found a picture of what I wanted to recreate and then kind of did my own thing. I loved the look of these spoons, but didn’t have the patience to wait for a metal stamping kit. I also saw a picture of something that looks very similar to what I made, but I’m sure the person who made them drew their own little sketches of herbs. No one wants to lay eyes on anything that I draw. I’m the worst. So, I turned to google images for a little help in that department and printed images for the herbs I wanted to make markers for.

I picked up 10 spoons at Goodwill for 10 cents a piece. Score! I used Mod Podge to stick the paper onto the spoons and let them dry over night. Then I dipped the spoons into a water based Polycrylic to seal the deal. These babies are going to be holding down the herb fort outside in the wind and rain, so they have to be able to handle some serious stuff. For good measure, I let them dry for about an hour and then dipped them a second time. This was literally a one dollar project, minus the teensy bit of Mod Podge and sealer which we already had purchased for a different project.

I love how they turned out! Some are a bit hard to read because of the writing on the pictures and how I printed them, so when I do this again I think I will use a fine point Sharpie to make the name of the herb easier to read. I would also look for iced tea spoons with long handles. I think they would stick up higher from herbs that grow extra high. Just an idea.

I always love a new way to spruce up our garden and this way we can keep things a little bit more organized! What do you use to mark herbs in your garden?