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11 Jun

If you open up my tea cabinet, it can be a little overwhelming…in a good way.  Some people like to collect books, trinkets, etc. and apparently I have a tea thing.  I find comfort in knowing that if I want that certain cup of tea, by golly, I can steep some right up! It seems this also goes for honey seeing as I have four different flavors in my kitchen, ha! I do try to only purchase more tea when one runs out and some room is freed up… a system to my madness. So, I had two boxes of yogi tea run out, which meant I could once again go browse the tea aisle at the store (Did I mention I love the tea aisle?) and luckily I was by myself so I could peruse all I wanted. I ended up sticking to my roots and decided on a lovely herbal blend made right here in Milwaukee by Rishi Tea.  You just can’t go wrong with that company. This is definitely not the first time we have mentioned this fab company, so feel free to explore some of our past Rishi posts by clicking here, here, and here

The lucky winner of this tea hunting experience was Rishi’s Bergamot Sage. I was intrigued by the flavor combo of sage, peppermint, bergamot, and thyme…not the usual, right?!  It’s a unique flavor mix, but a delish one at that! Rishi chose mix these ancient herbs due to their ability to promote purification, focus, clarity, creativity, and alertness. Hey, if all it takes is a few cups of this tea to promote those qualities…sign me up!

This tea has a lovely flavor; you get the refreshing, full peppermint zip followed by the hint of citrus and herbal flavors of sage and bergamot.  I loved this tea hot in one of my big oversized mugs, but I must say this tea served chilled was hands down the best.  It has been such a warm weekend here in Milwaukee, so hot tea hasn’t been a drink priority.  Steep this herbal treat and pour it over a tall glass with ice…you will have a dynamite iced tea drink that’s hydrating and refreshing without any caffeine or sweetener. This flavor combo does great on its own without any added thrills.  Just a pure, healthy tea treat right in a little cup…or a big icy glass.

This tea would be a fabulous addition to any party this summer.  Serve it chilled in a big clear pitcher or in one of those large, clear beverage stands. Make it extra pretty with floating lemon slices and sprigs of peppermint leaves. It will be dazzling and refreshing! You could even have a little dish with fresh lemon wedges and mint sprigs that guests could put in their glasses after they pour their glass. Oh, and don’t feel like you need a party to serve it like that…treat yourself to a beautiful glass of spruced up iced tea whenever you feel like it. You deserve it!

Any refreshing summer drinks you’ ve pulled out this summer…or are excited to try?

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