The Juice on Wheatgrass

28 Mar

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking shots on a Sunday morning, right? Not when you are taking shots of wheatgrass!

You know how when you go grocery shopping after a workout and you feel super jazzed about buying healthy food? Well, that was totally me last Saturday. I put Lyla down for her morning nap and then I sneaked off to the gym and got in a great run. After, I took a quick trip to the Health Hut to stock up on a few things…coconut oil, laundry detergent, chia seeds… Well, I got a little side tracked with their expanded produce section and decided it was the perfect day for me to do a little juicing. Their kale looked fab, and the bag of oranges and perfectly green limes were calling my name. My bod deserved a little lovin’ after my workout. Then I saw it. Wheatgrass. Totally intriguing. I’ve always wanted to juice wheatgrass and I had just recently read about the incredible benefits. Plus, the price wasn’t bad, just $1.89. Had to try it. I threw that little container of turf in my cart and made a beeline for the checkout. My juicer was calling.

Joanna posted about wheatgrass around this time last year, explaining how it is like drinking a little shot of sunshine. What a perfect way to describe it! Click here to read her post. Wheatgrass is known to cleanse the lymph system, clean and build your blood supply, remove toxins from the body, and it may help to prevent cancer. I’ve read in a couple of different places that the vitamins and minerals found in one ounce of juiced wheatgrass contain the equivalent of two pounds of fresh veggies. Not sure how true that is, but over all, it’s some good stuff!

So I get home, pull out the juicer, snip off some blades of grass, stuff them in my blender, turn it on…and what do you think happened? Ugh, nothing! The little blades of grass didn’t turn into that antioxidant rich, super green juice I was looking for. The wheatgrass ended up in the pulp bucket. Completely untouched by the juicing blades. Dang! Our juicer is great, but after some further research, we must not have one that is equipped to handle such small pieces of food. I think you need something special to juice wheatgrass. After trying some other juicing techniques later in the evening, I gave up. And opened a bottle of wine…

So when Sunday morning rolled around, I made my next attempt. I pulled out my emersion blender and put just enough water in the bottom of the blending glass to cover the blades, about 2 ounces. Then I threw a wad of wheatgrass blades into the cup with the water and blended away. I paused a few times to de-gunk the blades. I then strained the juice through a fine strainer and got these beautiful shots of wheatgrass! Cheers!

I’ll admit: It tasted like licking a lawnmower blade. But only for like a second and then I was totally over it and I felt good that I had just given my body a shot of some serious nutrition. Nic’s comment was, “Hmm…not bad!” I have more grass left over, so I think later this week I’ll be trying this wheatgrass blending technique again.

Has anyone else juiced their own wheatgrass shots before? Also, I’m wondering if I can transplant this little patch of wheatgrass into a pot and continue to harvest the grass as it grows. Does anyone know if that will work?

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