Summer Grillin’ Part Two – the sweet stuff! | Whole Green Love

9 Jul

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! And summer grilling never gets old. It’s such an easy way to prepare and eat foods the way nature intended – just grilled up a little. Nic and I enjoyed grass fed beef burgers topped with lettuce from our garden, watermelon, and grilled zucchini and squash last night. Just a swizzle of olive oil and a dash of sea salt does the trick with those yellow and green veggies. What a great way to end the week with a relaxing dinner. Very few dishes and simply delicious foods.

Joanna highlighted some of our featured main dishes and sides from our grill out from last weekend. Anyone planning on giving that tilapia recipe a try? Delish! Grilling should be a simple process, so when you’re having guests over for dinner, don’t skimp on the extra meal bonuses – drinks and dessert! Those recipes should be just as simple as the rest of the meal, but it’s a great way to take advantage of summer’s succulent fresh foods and make the meal something to be excited about.

For the beverage, we made Fruited Mint Tea (thanks for the recipe, Ruth!). This tea recipe is so refreshing and perfect with any meal. It’s also not so bad the next morning with breakfast. A little kick of caffeine and the sweet, citrus-y refreshment of the lemon and orange juice. Besides this recipe being passed among friends, you can also find the recipe here on It’s great without any alcohol, but if you’d like to serve it spiked, leave out a bottle of citrus vodka or white rum and let your guests go wild!

Look at these excited faces!

Dessert was definitely a hit! Joanna and I picked up some luscious looking strawberries that morning from the farmers’ market. I wanted to whip up a dessert that would feature their fresh from the farm taste and keep it very simple. With the summer heat, there is no need to crank up your oven to bake your fruit…just serve it fresh! We made the Strawberries with Ricotta Cream and Pistachios recipe found on the Food Network. Loved it! It might have been because I purchased whole milk ricotta, but I didn’t even need to strain it. I didn’t have any liquid drain out. I used my immersion blender to blend the ricotta, brown sugar, and orange juice. So rich and creamy! Topped with the crunchy pistachios – we certainly had a winner!

If you have any plans to grill out this weekend, we hope you have a chance to try some of the recipes we mentioned on WholeGreenLove. If not, let us know what you tried!