Fetus Friendly Cleaning

28 May

While some of you may be headed “up north” this weekend or at least taking some kind of road trip to spend time with your family and friends, Nic and I will be spending the lovely, long weekend on house projects. Which I have to say I’m pretty excited about. I think Nic thought I was crazy Thursday morning when I woke up with him extra early to follow him around the house and review our to-do list for the weekend. What a patient man, because of course, most of the tasks require his skills and strong biceps.

Then Nic said, “You aren’t supposed to be in your “nesting” phase until later in your pregnancy, that’s what my books tell me.” Well guess what? When we pack the summer weekends full of plans, this momma’s gotta reschedule her nesting phase for a little earlier. Let’s get this project fest started!

Besides us wanting to get our three seasons room spruced up, paint a table and chairs set for that room, building a new garden bed, and plant our garden, we have nothing to do this weekend! Ha, funny. I’d also like to get some cleaning done inside. While I’ve been pretty careful about using many cleaning products since the beginning of my pregnancy (and even before I knew I was pregnant) it’s inevitable that you can’t avoid cleaning all together. So for those other pregnant mommas out there AND for those who just like to keep it extra simple and green as possible when it comes to cleaning products in the home, here’s a list for you:

  1. Vinegar and water. Boring, I know. But this magic coupling of liquids is the perfect cleaner for almost any surface. Whip it up in a spray bottle and you can spot clean hard wood floors, disinfect kitchen and bathroom counters, remove grim from your shower walls, and clean up a cutting board. It’s perfect to use around pets and babies who are loving up your floors and many other surfaces in the house.
  2. Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner. The bomb. My fave scent of this product is lavender, but basil is also pretty amazing. This works as a great all purpose cleaner, similar to the vinegar and water, but smells like a dream. It’s great mixed up in a spray bottle and it’s also perfect for bigger jobs when you need a bucket of water and a splash of cleaner. I washed our cupboards with this stuff and my kitchen was sparkling!
  3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. This peppermint scented miracle worker is very similar to Mrs. Meyers in that you just dilute it with water (always follow the label instructions). This worked great to wipe down the interior of our cars and I even used it to scrub the car floor mats. I added this soap to a bucket of hot water and used it to give the fridge and freezer a good scrub down. It really is magic soap.
  4. Method Wood for Good. I had to include this gem of a cleaning product since sometimes you need a very specific cleaning product for a very specific purpose. Wood. Our kitchen table is especially particular about the product you use on its surface. Our temperamental table most definitely craves the love it gets from this method product. Plus, the scent is almond, which always rocks my world. This non-toxic cleaner dusts and polishes. Score.
  5. The micro-fiber cloth. I love these little guys. They pick up dust like no ones business and there is no need to use any type of dusting spray or cleaner along with them. Talk about an eco-friendly money saver. When I get them all dusted up from cleaning, I just throw them in with the rest of my laundry and hang them to dry. Be sure to never use fabric softener with these babies. You’ll ruin their dust grabbing capabilities.

While you’ve probably heard us mention some of these products before (here, here, here, here, and here – wow we like these products!), it never hurts to be reminded of great cleaning products. As with using any cleaning products, even if you aren’t pregnant, slap on a pair of gloves and keep the room well ventilated.

What’s your favorite human friendly cleaning product?

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  1. We have Cloths you can clean your House with, and do not need any Chemical Cleaners even!

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